Python API Client

Date:Mar 16, 2017

Topogram API Client is a Python library that allow you to work with Topogram, a web-based network solution. Using the API client, you can create, edit, delete and modify networks and topograms in any running instance of the Topogram software.

from topogram_client import TopogramAPIClient

topogram = TopogramAPIClient("http://localhost:3000")

# login as a user
topogram.user_login("", "password")

# create a new network
r = topogram.create_topogram("test")

topogram_id = r["data"]["id"]
topogram.create_node(topogram_id, id="my awesome node", x=103, y=502, data={"lat" : 3.12, "lng": 5.27})
topogram.create_node(topogram_id, id="my other awesome node")
topogram.create_edge(topogram_id, "my awesome node", "my other awesome node", name="my great edge")


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